Sunday, July 29, 2007

The art of reading what you like

While laughing this morning over Stephen Hunter's Washington Post account of his Amazon addiction I remembered that when I went in search recently of reprints of Eva Ibbotson's older novels (the adult ones that are for rainy days when you've got a bit of time and chocolate and everyone else in the house is reading, too) I found them at Amazon and ordered them instead of waiting until I could find them at one of the world's best independent bookstores. Sometimes you just need to indulge.
So then later this afternoon I found a new blog: Smart Bitches who love trashy books (And I do. But Pahmuk and Saramago are on my nightstand, too, ok?), and ended up spending some of the time I could have spent trying to explain the art of book selection to curmudgeons in just reading someone else's blog.
It was most entertaining.


Mary Ellen said...

LOL. I love the title of that blog - must add it to my Google Reader!

AnnetteCK said...

Kathie has obviously done this before.

Barbara Webb said...

I saw that column. We are addicted to Amazon in our household as well. We are heavy users of the used books option. Before a trip we will pick up a couple paperbacks of fiction set in the place we are going, take them on the trip, read them on site, and leave them for the next reader. When we went to Egypt and Petra we got Agatha Christies set in each place for something like a nickle each. Of couse the postage on everything is at least $3.99.