Monday, June 15, 2009

For MCPL Participants

Welcome! This is a learning opportunity for all MCPL staff to learn about the most often discussed social networking tools in use today known as 23Things. Please register using MCPL's link found the inviation email so that we can track your progress. After you have complete all 23 Things, print your completed activities log and give it to your supervisor. The Tracking Log is found in the Public Folders>All Public Folders>LIB>Staff Development>23Things

In order for Information staff to receive 18 contact hours of credit for completing 23 Things, they must complete the tracking log and submit it, along with a completed CEU form to the Staff Development Coordinator. Please send both forms electronically. Info staff must also print a copy of their activities log and give it to their supervisor.

All other MCPL staff participating should print a copy of the tracking log and give it to their supervisor.

Once you create your blog account, you can begin the 23 Things. You will find it under "Program" on the right hand side of this web page. One of the first "things" to do is create your own blog. This is your running commentary on your experience trying each of the 23 Things. Remember to email me your blog URL so that I can add it to the Montgomery Participants blog.

Here's a recap of the Invitation email:
Who: This learning opportunity is available to all MCPL staff with their supervisor’s permission to participate. If you are approved to participate, you must follow this link to register before you begin. As the Department moves towards online learning opportunities, online registration will serve as the sign-in sheet used during face-to-face meetings. Register for MCPL’s 23Things using this link found in the invitation email.

What: 23Things includes 23 of the most common social networking tools used today by our customers. This is a self-paced online learning opportunity that when completed, will give you a working knowledge of these social networking tools.

Where: This is all online. You will need to create a login/password in order to participate and create your own blog. If you've already created a login/password and currently blog, just use your current login.

When: This learning opportunity begins as soon as you are registered and continues to June 30, 2010.

Why: Technology learning is part of MCPL’s strategic plan

Additional Facts You Need to Know:
• If you are Information staff and want to earn 18 contact hours by completing 23 Things, then you must complete all 23 Things, complete the learning log and attach the learning log to the CEU form and send to the Staff Development Coordinator to sign. Forms are found in the Public Folders (path above)

• All other staff should complete all 23Things and complete the learning log. Staff should print a copy of their learning log and give it to their supervisor to document completion of the course.

• 23Things was piloted back in 2007. Do not use the registration link created for the 2007 pilot/state-wide project.

• Do not spend more than 45 minutes on any one Thing. If you can’t complete the Thing, use your blog to record your experience and then “move on” to the next Thing. This is supposed to be fun while learning and not stressful.

• If you find that one of the links to the 23Things is broken, don’t panic. Scroll to the bottom of the 23Things page where you will find 43 Things. You can select one of these things and replace it with the broken link. (The links should be intact. But, the Internet often has a “mind of its own”)

• Thing 3 & 4 asks you to create your own blog then register it. To register your blog, you need to send me (kate, ) the URL to your blog so that I can post it on the site. Feel free to look and the other MCPL participant blogs and add your comments. Doing is learning.

Have fun

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